Poetry – The River

The River

It flows continuously,

Always different

Yet the same.

We grow continuously,

Always different

Yet the same.

Molecules flow through.

Replacing all,

Yet we remain.

Every three months,

New bodies,

The smile the same.

The river of the cosmos

Flows through,

An endless game.

Opher – 17.10.2020

For us the changes of age come slowly even though the changes are much faster. Cells die and are replaced. Every three months we have a new body, yet it is built to the same plan.

The molecules flow in and the molecules flow out like water flowing down a river.

We look the same but we are always different.

28 thoughts on “Poetry – The River

  1. Bunk. Europeans have behaved as crude empty headed sub-human species which thinks with only its dick/emotions. But the real human beings do not have to follow in the wake of the European vile ghouls.

    1. One species – all the same. You prove it every time you respond. Your hatred and callous racism is evident in your words. You’d enjoy running a concentration camp.

      1. I’ve never run a concentration camp and am appalled that the Nazis did (not the Germans – the extreme right-wing fascist Nazi group who came to power with a minority, started wars and committed atrocities – the ones you are modelling yourself on Moshe).

      2. Good for the goose … good for the gander. Goyim who think with their dicks, like yourself condemned stateless Jewish refugees as ‘Christ killers’ for over 2000 years. Sucks when you wear the shoes that refugee Jews had to wear!

      3. Back to your old ways again. You behave like a dog who returns and eats its own vomit. “Stereotypes, racism, intolerance, hatred, and nastiness” all qualify as general terms which require examples, qualifying particulars. Sucks to be an ignorant Goy.

      4. No – all nicely illustrated in your comments – nothing general about them. They are very specific. You stereotyped all Europeans, all Germans and all Palestinians. You use derogatory language, behave arrogantly and delight in hatred and vengeance.

      5. Ya pretend that you exist as Judge jury and prosecution. Ya make these general claims based upon the assumption that the burden rests upon me to prove your blatant ignorance and stupidity. LOL Sorry. You make an accusation, the burden of proof rests upon you, not me. Idiot.

      6. It is easy. You make stupid statements all the time – calling all Europeans subhuman, calling Palestinians Balistinians. You are a racist.

      7. Noise, grunts from a pig. In the 20th century sub human Europeans guilty of attempted genocide. Balistinians … Arabs can not pronounce the letter P.

      8. Allow me to educate you.
        Every child is born with a region of the brain containing strings of cells. Each string is stimulated when the ears pick up that particular phonetic sound. By the age of two the strings of cells that are unstimulated wither and die. If a child is not exposed to language containing certain sounds they will be unable to either hear or reproduce them.
        The Chinese language has no R sound. A Chinese person brought up without hearing western voices will not be able to hear the R sound. Their nearest phonetic box is the W sound. So when you say ‘Ring’ to a Chinese person they hear ‘Wing’.
        The French have a Rrrr sound that English people cannot hear.
        Every language is based on a set of phonetic boxes. Sounds that are missing cannot be heard. We all have gaps. It is nothing to do with intelligence, purely exposure.

      9. Noise. Palestine – not an Arab word. duh. Name a country that has a name assigned to that country by foreign invaders? Idiot no country permits aliens to name their own country.

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