Poetry – The Green Desert

The Green Desert

Out in the green desert

The ponds are filled,

The hedges flayed,

The verges mowed.

Out in the green desert

The fields are sprayed

The animals killed

The weeds all hoed.

Opher ā€“ 8.10.2020

The countryside looks green but really it is a sterile desert cleansed of wildlife. Our fields are factories. Nature is being driven into a smaller and smaller periphery.

Huge fields are necessary for the massive farm machinery so hedges are grubbed up.

We no longer have beasts of burden ā€“ we use tractors, so ponds are no longer needed. They are filled in.

Even the remaining hedges and verges are managed. Mowing and flaying destroys habitats, removing seeds and insects.

The fields are sprayed regularly with pesticide and herbicide.

The insects are going. The birds, voles and hedgehogs are becoming rare.

Is it any wonder?

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