Ricky Tomlinson – unfairly framed in 1973!!

On this day, 3 October 1973, the trial began of famous actor Ricky Tomlinson, then a plasterer, with five other building workers for their role in a national builders’ strike the previous year. Refusing to testify against other workers they were convicted of “conspiracy to intimidate” under a 19th-century law which had not been used in 98 years. Tomlinson was jailed for two years, most of it spent in solitary confinement due to his refusal to wear prison uniforms on the grounds of it branding him a criminal. He became a socialist inside after being given a copy of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. More info here: httsp://libcom.org/library/ricky-tomlinson-imprisoned-building-union-organiser

20 thoughts on “Ricky Tomlinson – unfairly framed in 1973!!

      1. A country, any country, whose court system does not rule cases of damages with righteous justice exposes a corrupt and evil government. No European Court, including the present day ICC has attempted to compensate persons who suffered damages.

      2. Vertical court systems the Government runs; the Governments pay the salaries of the Judges and the prosecuting attorneys. Not so in a lateral court system. An Israeli bet din court comprises of 3 judges. One judge assumes the role of prosecuting attorney, the 2nd judge takes on the responsibilities of the Defense. These 2 opposing justices of the Court argue the case in dispute before the 3rd presiding Judge. None of these Justices receives a salary from the State. The American revolutionaries despised the British court injustice system. The established the precedent of Juries – 11 people who do not receive their salaries from the State.

      3. There’s nothing overt. The establishment here and in Israel control the courts. If you think otherwise you’re a fool.

      4. Idiot the Jewish state has yet to establish a Torah Constitutional Republic!!! The Talmud functions as the model of lateral common law Courts of justice.

      5. OH thank you mr. Opher, am in debt to your genius and profound deep wisdom. LOL. How about you come and live in Israel for almost 30 years … then you can declare your fart noise of knowing more about the Israeli government having never once stepped foot within the Jewish State.

      6. Noise, more general statements. When did you travel to Israel? Seen it, Smelt it … well that’s what happens when ya pull that thumb out of your ass.

      7. I have travelled to Israel, talked to Jews and Palestinians. What needs to happen is obvious to anyone with a brain cell.

      8. Ya spend a couple of weeks in Israel and suddenly that short visit makes you an expert upon the situation of Stateless Arab refugees. Bet you never visited a Balestinian refugee camp in Lebanon or Jordan or Syria.

      9. It is very hard to have any coherent discussion with someone who merely swears, throws insults, makes racist statements and endlessly repeats themselves.

      1. Yoffe, but brought the case of an American Jew as a specific of Jewish communal actions to contrast with your bull shit about Yidden as cruel and mean to poor pathetic stateless Arab refugees.

      2. Consequences of losing wars to throw the Jews into the Sea. Faggot had the Arabs completed the Nazi genocide, bet you would not have had a fire burning in your butt then.

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