The Corona Diaries – Day 194

It was another nice sunny day in Yorkshire. As there are not likely to be too many of those left before winter kicks in we decided to go out for a long walk to Robin Hoods Bay. I had to wade through icy water! Yes, icy water! What next???

But it was beautiful – a strange misty magnificence – I’ll put up some photos tomorrow.

We had fish and chips overlooking the bay with the limestone shelving exposed and big waves rolling in. Exquisite.

The shore was covered with mounds of kelp – I guess it’s been rough.

Back home I’m about to start doing a bit of my Harper book and I’m playing some Esquerita. Fabulous. I needed something to cheer me up after watching a dire football match.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland – the number of new cases in the UK soars up to 12,872 with another 49 deaths!! That looks as dire as the football!!

Johnson’s response is to say that we’ll have a bumpy ride until Christmas – possibly the new year. Try calling dying of Covid-19 bumpy!! This isn’t a fairground ride!! These are deaths.

Keir Starmer says that the government has lost control of the virus – he’s right! They have!! Ineptitude, stupidity, complacency and daftness!

I’ve said it before – when you put a clown in charge you get a circus!

Starmer laid out a five point plan that makes sense to me:

Explain decisions on what criteria are being used for lockdowns. In fact explain everything!! We are being treated like fools with dithering and vacillation. Some decisions look more political than medical!!

Use messaging to give out more local details.

Use the local NHS for testing, tracing and generally everything. Stop employing dunces like Dido Harding and Serco!

Regularly test all frontline staff. That’s obvious isn’t it??

Outline the way a vaccine would be distributed and administered – use the bloody NHS!! Put extra funding and staff in – but use the existing structure!!!

Bloody hell! I despair!

Stay safe everyone!

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