The Toppling of racist/slavery statues.

The BBC ran a short program on the fall of the statue of the slaver Colston. Really interesting.

One has to ask why we ever put up statues of these obnoxious people who were involved in making fortunes out of slavery, people who are racist, people who made money out of other peoples’ misery, people who were warmongers?

Surely there are better people to put on plinths???

12 minutes. Black meets White. We need more of this.
BBC iPlayer – After Colston: United or Divided?

39 thoughts on “The Toppling of racist/slavery statues.

  1. Silly reactionary. The statue in question had stood on Colston Avenue since 1895, a memorial to his philantropic works, which included money to sustain schools, hospitals, a concert hall, almshouses and churches. Its funny that your past is past so quickly drops when an issue like slavery, legal in Colston’s day, so offends your shallow sense of morality.

    1. Misuse of the word reactionary. I don’t think you know what it means.
      Colston made his money out of slavery. He was scum. What he did with his ill-gotten gains is beside the point. He only did it for public standing.
      If slavery doesn’t offend you then you have a serious moral problem.

      1. Slavery, mr. reactionary today exists in a completely different category than did slavery 200 years ago. To superimpose your revisionist history bull shit upon previous dead generations … that’s an example of a reactionary moron. In invest emotional outrage over a bye gone issue, what ever happened to “the past is past” LOL proof that your full of shit.

      2. Absolute bollocks. When Colston was making his fortune shipping 84,000 African slaves between 1680 to 1692, there was already a strong public repulsion to slavery – as can be read in the popular literature of the time. As many as 19,000 died on those despicable ships.
        Anybody who attempts to justify that, under any circumstances, is a morally corrupt bastard!

      3. Under British law at the time, slave still classified as “property”. Not justifying shit. Where were the British courts? Comparable to the worthless UN today.

      4. Reactionary – opposing political or social progress or reform. Exactly the opposite of what I am. It is you my friend who is the reactionary – I’m all for action and reform.

      5. Bozo yourself – you can’t change the past, idiot, but you do not have to laud obnoxious people from the past. Having a statue to people like that is odious. These monsters need to disappear.

      6. Bunk. Their generation did not perceive them as ‘monsters’. What arrogance for a later generation to get all high and mighty and pretend they can judge earlier generations… at least according to the opinion that: ””the past is past!!!!””.

      7. We can’t alter it but we can deplore it and learn from it. Colston was a heartless exploiter. The last thing we need are statues to destructive men like that! I’ll have statues to artists, writers, poets, dancers and good people – not evil slavers, exploiters and warmongers!!

      8. Fine. Have no problem with that. But your past is past bull shit where you want to give Arab enemies a 4th stab at throwing the Jews into the Sea, that’s on par with lionizing slavers.

      9. That is not what I want at all. I was peace – a peaceful recognised state of Israel prospering with peaceful neighbours and the Palestinians settled and happy in their own state.

      10. Another brain dead declaration. Just when did the Jewish people “steal” “their” “land”? You behave like Joseph Goebbels racist Nazi propaganda minister who spewed out a continuous stream of half truths…general emotion charged statements boldly denounced based upon frame up and fall charges.

      11. The land your claim was stolen, retail or wholesale property? LOL Yo bone head Arabs rejected the UN propositions and invaded the Jewish State. Go back to school.

      12. The Jews fought and kicked out people from their homes and farms – people who had lived there for generations. Stolen.

      13. Then the same dumb ass shit applies to England vis a vis Scotland, and Whales, and Ireland. Go pick your own nose, and keep your grubby groping fingers to yourself.

      14. reactionary, a person who makes shallow emotion based decisions and relies primarily upon news papers for his knowledge of affairs.

  2. So no justice prevails in merry old England, yet England seeks “justice” for the Middle East with its 2 state solution. Sorry, we Jews we experienced the ‘Final Solution’, simply not interested in any more European imposed solutions.

      1. Bollocks. The Arabs are waiting for an opportunity. Unless peace can be made with the Palestinians I think your days are numbered.

      2. Yo shit for brains … specifics, details, examples. Arabs waiting for an opportunity … based upon what evidence, other than your bull shit theology.

      3. I make rational arguments based upon specifics and facts. Whose anger and fury did “I” generate? Well since its a conversation between you and myself, by the process of elimination it proves that “your” anger and fury aroused for thinking with your dick rather than your brain.

      4. Noise. How many times do you repeatedly make general dick for brains declarations, like for example ‘Jews stole Arab lands’? And never once to date offered any specifics, like which lands, in what cities, etc etc etc.

      5. What do you want? Names and addresses? In 1948, when Israel was set up, land was seized and people displaced. That is the main bone of contention. The Palestinians were thrown off land they had lived on for generations. Each time an illegal settlement is set up more land is seized.

  3. The ’67 War, Jordan opened hostilities with Israel. No Western country other that barbaric England recognized the illegal Jordanian nationalization of Israeli lands in 1948.

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