Trump – the real truth!

No it’s not a hoax. Trump is very ill!

No it’s not a plot to avoid more embarrassing debates with Biden. Trump is very ill!

No it’s not a type of flu. Trump’s lungs, heart, blood vessels and brain are now inflamed.

No Trump is not a swaggering superman. Trump is an old fat fool. As an obese, 74 year old man he is precisely the type of person most at risk.

No he is not immune. All that politicizing the virus has rebounded on him. He’s as susceptible as anybody else.

No, it wasn’t a good idea not to wear a mask or socially distance. He’s been asking to die and encouraging others to do the same. His stupid actions have killed hundreds of thousands of others – people who say it’s unAmerican to wear a mask or socially distance.

No, Trump does not know better than the scientists and experts. He has been undermining science and experts and now he desperately needs their help in order to live.

No, Trump is not feeling mild symptoms. Be in no doubt – Trump is fighting for his life.

The man who has been decrying experts and scientists, encouraging neo-Nazi groups and calling them out on the streets, subverting democracy, deliberately undermining environmental laws, giving huge tax cuts to the rich, robbing Americans by not paying his taxes, strutting around like the schoolyard bully, is fighting for his life.

You know what? I think he deserves it! I think he’s been asking for it!

I’m beginning to believe in Karma.

2 thoughts on “Trump – the real truth!

    1. I read the lies about his treatment. We’ll see. Many twists in this one yet. One thing is clear – the virus won’t affect his brain – leastways a deterioration that anybody would notice.

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