Religion – is there a God??

Religion is a hot potato. Trying to look objectively at it is extremely difficult. We are born into cultures steeped in religious dogma. It is a process of brainwashing that is impossible to escape.
Freud said religion was a mass psychosis. I agree with him.
Is there any evidence of a supernatural being? None that I have seen or heard.
We live in an amazing universe. It is mind-boggling. But does that necessary infer an intelligence behind it? I say no.
We have an amazing brain that provides us with consciousness. Does that infer a god? I say no.
Religions came out of the Stone-Age with their costumes, rituals and customs – often racist, intolerant and misogynistic. I believe they are all creations of man.
We love ritual and pageant. We find it fulfilling. We love answers to problems. There are none bigger than life and the universe. We fear death. We are eager to clutch at straws that say this life isn’t all there is. But is there evidence for anything – a future life, a god creator? No, not really. Yet we manufacture ghosts, angels and heaven. We like to think of our loved ones and ourselves living forever, reunited. It is reassuring.
Looking, as a biologist at our bodies, they are not miracles. They are riddled with flaws and ‘design’ faults. We could easily design something far superior.
We believe tales from individuals up mountains, in caves and in the wilderness from people who claim to have spoken to god. But really, if someone made those claims today they would be ridiculed. Why does god choose not to speak to us all? Why only to solitary individuals?
Perhaps, because there is no god? Perhaps many people ‘hear voices’?
Has religion done much good? The history of religion has been the tale of a struggle for power with much persecution, intolerance, hatred, war and violence.
On the positive side, it has produced much succour and comfort for the bereaved and reduced anxiety over death. It has provided help and comfort for those in need. Many religious people have done a lot of good. But is it a false hope, based on a false premise?
Does the bad outweigh the good? I think it does.
As religions developed in the age of science, they have changed. For example, the Catholic Church believed that Heaven was above and hell below. That the earth was the centre of the universe and that the stars were pinpricks through which the light of heaven showed through. They tortured and burnt people who disagreed.
As science demonstrated that the earth was not the centre, that stars were suns, that there was no heaven in the sky or hell below, they changed their dogma. It clearly demonstrates to me that they do not know what they are talking about.
Is this blasphemous? Or is it possible to have an intelligent discussion about religion?
Now spirituality – that’s something else altogether!!

16 thoughts on “Religion – is there a God??

  1. I love these views. Spirituality is totally different from religion and it would help world peace (no really, it would) if people were more spiritual as opposed to religious. ❤️💛💙

  2. Well Opher, in my view the propensity to religion is something that exists right down at the level of world-view. Some have it; some (like you) don’t; some (like me) get indoctrinated towards it, but manage to see through the bullshit and to say “no, thanks.” (Or, more accurately, “not proven” – I’m an agnostic, not an atheist). And because religion exists right down at that level, it’s impossible to have a rational discussion about it, so why bother trying? As long as others will let me have my religion (or lack of it), I’ll let them have theirs.

    1. A good attitude to have Neil. It is certainly the wish some people have to inflict their views and customs on others that enrages me. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want, in my view, as long as it is a free choice and they do not inflict it on others.
      I have had some excellent discussion though. I enjoy that.

      1. Opher: It is certainly the wish some people have to inflict their views and customs on others that enrages me.

        Absolutely agree, Opher. And it applies to politics as well as religion.

        Meanwhile, I’m looking out at a monster of a thunderstorm! With rain as torrential as anything I’ve seen in the 34 years I’ve lived here.

    1. I wouldn’t dream of doing that Dave/Laura. Everybody is entitled to their own faith. My views are mine and I love to discuss and argue – without malice or nastiness. I have had some very deep and interesting discussions down the years.

      1. Agreed, we are fine with you and your beliefs, and glad you have yours and we have ours.
        David would joke, just more room in Heaven for him, I would say, I am open to discussing whatever you want anytime, I feel strong enough that nothing can change what I believe. Wishing you a great Labor day!

  3. Hi Opher, you’re last statement was intriguing to me. I’ve done a lot of thinking about these things and I’m wondering if I read your thoughts correctly; do you equate God with religion only and spirituality as something separate? Thanks for sharing your thoughts~

    1. Hi Ashley – the short answer is yes. I think this concept of god as some separate entity, a creator, a benevolent ‘person’, who has a personal interest in people, requires adulation and worship, as being an entirely human creation.
      Spirituality, for me, is something I would equate with nature, a unifying force, a vibration, more akin to nuclear energy. I’d call it wonder and awe. It is something I can feel part of and celebrate.

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