Well Done Marcus Rashford!!

Marcus is a person who has put a lot of time and effort into helping others. He’s used his status and position to do good things. One has to respect that!

He has shamed the Tories into taking care of children in abject poverty. To their eternal shame the Tories are presiding over a country in which a staggering four million children live in poverty. Two thirds of them live in working families who simply do not earn enough. Poor wages have become a symptom of Tory rule. For the world’s sixth richest country that is appalling.

During these hard days of Covid 19, with families being thrown out of work and life becoming harder, those food vouchers are a lifeline. The government simply did not care.

It took a footballer to bring it to everyone’s attention. Good for Marcus Rashford!! More power to him!!

While the fascist racist thugs are out on the streets with their selfish agenda, caring people like Marcus are doing their thing for a better country.

Hopefully the man hasn’t forgotten his roots and this concern is genuine. I think it is.

Well done Marcus Rashford!! There will be millions of children who will be indebted to you!! (Could you also put in a few goals in the next few weeks??)

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