Patti Smith Quotes – A woman who has the temerity to be herself.

I do love Patti!!

Opher's World

I have been listening to some early concerts of Patti’s where she was reciting poetry, setting up rapport, relating and reacting to the audience. There was real power, connection and something so dynamic. She captured the spirit. New York in the mid seventies was a cauldron of energy and she writhed in it. She was immersed. She brought together the Beat Poetry, Sixties Rock, Art, photography and the new Punk ethos and rolled it into one great new entity. Patti rocked. She created like nobody else. She spat vitriolic rhetoric and protest. She identified with Dylan, Hendrix, Doors, Beatles, Stones and Who but captured that rebellion and brought it to a new level. Her tongue flamed.

That creative spark was present in everything she touched – the music, the poetry, the look, the art, the attitude and Robert’s photography. It was her life. What strikes me is that there was…

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