Ken Loach – I, Daniel Blake – What a film – It tugs at you.

This is real.

Opher's World

I have just returned home from seeing the Ken Loach film – I, Daniel Blake. I came out feeling just like I had when I first saw Kathy Come Home way back in the sixties. The tears were there.

Ken is now 80 years old. Nobody is making films of such emotional intensity about real social situations and justice. Where is the next Ken Loach to stand up for the underdog?

This shows how political decisions are translated into callous, uncaring stupidities. Real people are caught up in the bureaucracy that dehumanises both the people who administer the system and the people caught up in it. Instead of treating people with human compassion they are reduced to numbers and points. The system dehumanises.

For anyone who supports people being forced off benefits, and the imposition of a system of deterrence, this film should be mandatory.

I am sure there are…

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