Testing my eyes! I’ve got a nerve!

A bit of silliness

Opher's World


Getting older is a pain. I’ve just been in for an eye test. It’s depressing.

The only good news is that I’ve still got two.

The optician was so young I think he had to rush the test because it was time for his morning nap. I wasn’t sure he really knew what he was doing. He didn’t fill me with confidence.

He asked me if I had noticed any problems. I told him I was short-sighted.

He took me outside and pointed up – ‘What’s that?’ he asked.

‘That’s the sun,’ I replied, a little baffled.

‘How far do you want to see,’ he demanded, acting as if I was wasting his time.

Grudgingly he examined my eyes.

‘Do you have a kayak?’ he asked.

‘No,’ I told him.

‘Shame,’ he replied, ‘because you got cataracts.’

The long and short of it is that I’ve got to have new…

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