Oph & Mike’s 1950s R&B Radio Show

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We have just recorded our third Radio Show. we are getting used to a recording studio now. Our programmes go out on hospital Radio. So we have a captive audience.

I am assured that it encourages the patients to leave hospital and go home!

I am sure that they only play it to the intensive care patients – the others can turn it off!

Anyway, this week it was fifties R&B. We had a great time writing, rehearsing and recording. If you like 1950s US black R&B this might be the show for you. We love it. It was the stuff that turned on the Beatles and Stones.

Have a listen:

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4 thoughts on “Oph & Mike’s 1950s R&B Radio Show

  1. I finally got it. You guys made me nostalgic for Murray the K. These songs are quite current for me. Some of these performances are unmatched. I’m going to try to learn Love Potion #9. Always loved the Coasters.

      1. It would be great. Takes a bit more time than I thought but with your musical knowledge it would be great. Just do it. I’d love to hear it.

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