Opher and Mike’s radio show on Merseybeat.

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Opher & Mike’s Radio Show on Merseybeat.

If you like Rock Music then you might like this Radio Show we put together on the subject of Merseybeat. We recorded it in a studio after having worked on it for about a year. We’ve got about 75 of these hour long shows scripted out.

Mike used to be the Roadie with Free, Bad Company and Robin Trower (among others) and is a bit of a Rock nut just like me!!

We really enjoyed doing this programme and organising the tracks. Lots of people have said how much they enjoyed it.

Next week we’re going to record ‘Psychedelia’.

We looked around for a radio station that might be interested in taking the format further but have not come up with a hit yet.

If you have any suggestions or comments we’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “Opher and Mike’s radio show on Merseybeat.

  1. We were in the car last week and someone said “whatever happened to that really funny radio show?” Lo and behold, here you are with more. Excellent!
    Can’t recall what the content was exactly – R&B maybe? – about two years ago for I think you described for hospital radio. Whilst the music was about alright, a bit obvious and nothing we’ve not heard hundreds of times before – it was you two guys presentation that had us laughing. I remember we were streaming it listening in the car on our way fishing – four guys crying with laughter. I sincerely hoped you’ve been working hard on on presentation skills.

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