I miss you Mr. Obama

Yep – I miss him too!


Best president in my lifetime!

“I will never forget that the only reason I’m standing here today is because somebody, somewhere stood up when it was risky. Stood up when it was hard. Stood up when it wasn’t popular. And because that somebody stood, a few more stood up. And then a few thousand stood up. And then a few […]

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13 thoughts on “I miss you Mr. Obama

      1. Class?! Gee, you’re funny! You Brits know nothing.
        The pair of them had to be taught all kinds of etiquette details.

      2. Sara – I’m sure they did – but they exuded it – the eloquence, oratory and sentiments. Compared to Trumps uncouth rudeness and vulgarity it was comparing Oscar Wild with Vlad the Impaler.

      3. Raili – it is quite sobering to get an illustration of what is going wrong with America isn’t it? It seems to me that he has licenced his base to mimic him and give full vent to their most base attributes. It seems to me that rudeness, racism and abuse are the currency of a good section of the country.

    1. Obama’s what? He was a hopeless orator, the man could barely get a sentence together without a pre-written prompter. Everything he ever said was drafted by committee, he was a puppet on a string.

      Tell that to the blacks without a job. Tell that to the blacks that have since got a job because of Trump. Black employment has shot up. Tell the blacks that they should be better off with an English homosexual type with eloquence than any President that go gets the go.
      Geez, you English are a bunch of bed-wetters.

      1. You chump. He wrote great books too. In fact he wrote more books than Trump’s ever read. I heard him speak many times without script and his language was inspiring. What he said and stood for was inspiring.
        All Trump stands for is making himself rich. He’s an uncouth yob of the most arrogant type – a narcissistic bombast. The go he gets is the way he destroys nature, safety standards and workers rights. You’ll pay for it with poisons, deaths and environmental destruction. Myopic to say the least. But hey, all you Americans care about is money, right? Nature and the losers can go screw.
        An English Homosexual type?? Now there’s a bit of telling language. A bit of racism coupled with discrimination against gender. I see why you like him.
        The English are bedwetters? Was that some kind of puerile insult? What do you mean by that? What does that make Americans? – The offspring of bedwetters? Ha Ha Ha. You are funny.
        You go get the go.

      2. You don’t know what you are talking about as Obama never said anymore than a few words without a speech prompter. I don’t think you’ve yet realized that these prompters are invisible to the TV eye.
        Obama didn’t write his scripts, that was done by committee, a propaganda machine.
        You suffer from low level intelligence on this material.
        The book “The Audacity of Hope” was conveniently endorsed by Oprah Winfrey.
        He scored an advance of $1.9 million and just 3 months after publishing announced his presidential campaign. This was all supposedly done on top of his senator job.
        His book “Change We Can Believe In” was published just 2 months before his campaign victory over John MacCain.
        I struggle to figure how he had all this time to himself to be writing books in the middle of a presidential campaign, considering all the re-write after re-write drafts that are entailed. It’s all smoke and mirrors propaganda.

        The founder of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays, described this distraction as, and I quote “the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the habits and opinions of democratic societies”, he called it “an invisible government”.
        How many are merely trained to respect propaganda?
        Let me give you one example of this propaganda.
        In 2009, President Obama stood before an adoring crowd in the centre of Prague, in the centre of Europe and he pledged himself to make, quote “the world free from nuclear weapons.” People cheered and some cried. A torrent of platitudes flowed from the media, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. It was all fake, it was lies.
        The Obama administration almost immediately launched a program to build more nuclear weapons, more nuclear warheads, more nuclear delivery systems, more nuclear factories. Nuclear warhead spending alone rose higher under Obama than under any other American President.

        And you have the audacity to call me a “chump”.
        You’re a fool. You are the fool of fools and you believed all the garbage they threw at you. And you don’t even live in the US. Wow, that is beyond my comprehension.
        You must be part of the Oprah Winfrey fan club – English division.

        How do you figure that racism is involved with being English. English is not a race, you ignorant fool.
        America is people from all over the world, not just English, you fool.

        Trump is already very wealthy.
        Obama has made a lot of money. Check him out for the millions of dollars flowing in his way. He doesn’t even work for it. At least Trump hauls his ass out of bed and gets busy with it. Trump is the best thing in the USA since Elvis Presley.

        Try not to piss your bed tonight. I know you English bed-pissers probably get off on that. But hey, at least your pissed bed is for real and not fake like Obama’s presidency was. You fool.

      3. Soul Gifts: I could not care less from where you come. I only care that you understand what is and what isn’t.

      4. Sara – you and Trump were made for each other – both as rude as each other and both as prejudiced and unpleasant.
        So Obama can’t speak without an autocue. Sorry fake news. I’ve seen him.
        Yes – it was very impressive that he wrote books while working. I doubt he did that on the campaign though. As I said – I’d like to see Trump try reading a book. So writing books is propaganda – not setting out his philosophy? All a question of perspective I guess.
        No Obama did not deliver on the many things he outlined, the great things that he laid out in the beginning, but one has to ask why. It couldn’t have been anything to do with the obstructive tactics of the Republicans could it?
        My intelligence does not fluctuate. It remains the same thanks. Do you understand intelligence?
        Propaganda – yes it’s all propaganda – and you’ve certainly fallen for Trump’s rather blatant and obnoxious brand. You’re even mimicking him. Ha Ha Ha – and you have the audacity to call me a fool. Well you go and back your leader who is taking you for a ride – put faith in a billionaire who is lining his own pockets, who even bragged openly to his rich friends that he just made them all a lot richer, who really has the interests of working people at heart. I’m laughing my head off at your gullibility.
        So the English aren’t a race? Right. Well your brand of racism and homophobia is just one of the many things that is wrong with the whole impetus of Trump’s philosophy – racism, misogyny and homophobia – the full gamut of unpleasantness, a means for a populist manipulator to cause division, fear and hatred to exploit for his own ends. Once people think with their glands they can be manipulated easily. That’s what he does.
        You obviously have some weird fixation with bed-wetting don’t you? You’ve certainly cheered up my day. It’s hilarious. I can’t begin to imagine what unpleasant experiences have led to such a weird obsession. You can probably get counselling – even at this late stage.
        Have a nice day.

      5. Blacks getting jobs began with what Obama did while he was still in office. SO much of what Trump claims to have accomplished was set in motion by Obama. So the Obamas had to learn etiquette? So what? Trump has yet to learn human decency. The difference between them is that Obama had a heart for the people, Trump has a heart for Trump. You think he has the country’s best interest at heart? Seems to me not caring about 7.8 million children getting insurance (some of whom were already in the middle of medical treatment) would suggest otherwise.

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