Roy Harper – Forever – the most beautiful love song

I still love it.

Opher's World

This was a very early love song. Roy isn’t all vitriol and caustic social comment. He writes the most beautiful love songs too.

This one appeared on his first album – Sophisticated Beggar, and was rerecorded for the Valentine album.

It is a delicate beauty showing his great finger-picking style and use of harmonics. The words are absolutely brilliant. A great poem put to music.

Roy sang this for me and Liz in 1970 in Kingston at a gig in the pub there. I remember it well.

Forever – Roy Harper

We’re just spinning leaves
In the flight of dawn
Little girl
Falling through an eternal horizon of time
But I’d like to think as we lie
That all we’ve got will be ours forever
Don’t you think we’re forever
I can hear a voice
On the wings of my dream
Little girl
Melting me into love as it touches…

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