What we need is a Roy Harper Day!!! Well I do anyway!!

A bit of sense and passion

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What with Brexit looming, 1200 more bureaucrats being employed to deal with the mess, the uncertainties for the economy, the effect on relationships with Europe, the threat of thousands of financial services going abroad, the effects on the environment, human rights laws, worker’s rights, future trade agreements, further austerity, effects on trade, effects on public services…………….. it looks a mess.

I certainly don’t like the tone and harmful policies of this exceedingly right-wing government. Cameron was bad enough.

Then there’s the NHS and Schools.

On top of that we have Trump and the division and hatred being stirred up there!

I need something to stop me pessimistically staring into the black hole of the future! I need a dose of Roy Harper pouring vitriol on the establishment and gushing the most beautiful crafted love songs!

As I am still reeling from my house move I shall dig out a few…

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