Roy Harper – One for All – an instrumental showing off his amazing guitar technique.

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Well it is not completely an instrumental – but near enough. It was written for Albert Ayler and ambiguously titled ‘One for Al’

This is great to see up close Roy’s technique, great guitar-work, fabulous chord changes and a unique style. He was right up there with Davey Graham, John Renbourn and Bert Jansch and could have gone down that route if his poetry and songwriting hadn’t been so good and eclipsed the guitar playing.

He is a consummate musician. He has the ear, technique and imagination. I used to love seeing this performed live. He tore into it.

Soft and low the sun is setting
Deep into the sky we travel apart
As I sit here softly wakeful
Thinking of the ones I’ve loved on my way
How my dreaming longs to see you
Carnival of memories
Sat here in this dusk I see you
Meaning all those things…

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One thought on “Roy Harper – One for All – an instrumental showing off his amazing guitar technique.

  1. But he wouldn’t be playing it like this live as it’s 2 guitar tracks overdubbed on top of each other, a rhythm guitar and a lead which is really just going up and down the scales, something akin to what Ravi Shankar would do to tune his sitar, before actually playing.
    Mistakes begin at 2m 12s in up to when the vocal starts with various other points following the short vocal where strings are mishit and/or mistimed, getting pretty rough nearing the end.
    I really don’t think Roy was anyway near the level of ability of Graham, Renbourn or Jansch.
    He was good but never excellent. I’d also doubt either Renbourn or Jansch would allow a studio recording of their’s replete with so many mistakes without getting it right.

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