Public Sector Pay – a Scandal!!

This is the Tory attitude towards the public services. Our teachers, nurses, doctors, firefighters, police and social services deserve far better. If we want an NHS for ordinary people, good schools and excellent public services you have to pay for them. Only the wealthy have private care!

Opher's World

So I understand that the poor nurses and midwifes have had to resort to strike action because of their pay (or lack of it).

An independent body recommended a pay increase of a paltry 1% after four years of pay freeze! The government refused to give them that 1%!

This is on top of worsening conditions of service and pensions.

In the same week the politicians are magnanimously accepting a mere 11% pay rise (that’s right – 11%) because it was recommended by an independent body and, of course, they are worth every penny. Am I missing something here?

Nurses 0% – Politicians 11%          – No I don’t think so! That’s perfectly clear!

Do they think we are stupid? No wonder the nurses and midwives are furious. They aren’t earning £80,000 like the MPs. And seemingly they aren’t even worth a measly 1% on their pittance!

Yet seemingly, in the same…

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