Public Services are not unproductive. They perform an essential service that promotes the economy.

This Tory agenda is to decimate our social services. They cut the poor rather than the rich every time. Cuts for public servants/tax cuts for the wealthy. But ordinary people depend on those services! The cuts are unfair.

Opher's World

The Tories have an attitude towards Public Services: they regard them in the same way as they look at parasites – unwelcome.

The Tories regard Public Services as an unproductive drain on resources. They wish to reduce them to a minimum and curb pay for public servants.

The Tory ethos is that it is the Private sector that generates wealth. That is where the money should go. We can do without the Public sector.

This is short-sighted. While the Public sector does not generate the wealth directly it is essential to enabling the wealth generators to function. I would make the analogy to the army. The soldier may be the effective force at the front-line but without a munitions industry making the bullets, a transport industry to get them to the front, food, water and information they are helpless.

The Public services provide essential back-up.

We need our teachers, nurses…

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