Poetry – Nothing lasts – a poem about polyverses and eternity written in 1999.

I liked this one too.

Opher's World

You might get a dog for Christmas but our atoms are eternal. We heat them up with our bodies and let them loose spinning faster. They come and they go. Every three months we have replaced every cell in our bodies. But the body remains. We are like the river. The water flows through but the river looks the same.

Already I have your atoms in my body. I have everyone’s; everyone who ever lived. We exchange atoms daily with every breath.

In the cosmic dance around us the universe is running down; entropy rules, and we add to it with our activity.

But then our universe is probably one of an infinite number – the polyverses of eternity – and our atoms may yet live forever with a hint of the spin we gave them as they passed through.

Nothing Lasts

Nothing lasts forever

Except this solar breeze


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