Poetry – Cosmic Breath

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I loved the idea that atoms are forever (well almost). They go on and on.

All the water we drink is recycled. There are molecules of water in our body that have been in every single human beings body who ever lived. I’ve got molecules of water in my body that have been in Roy Harper, Captain Beefheart, Elvis, Martin Luther King, Attila the Hun, Hitler, Pol Pot. and Buddha (I could have gone on with a longer list).

Every breath we take is also full of atoms and molecules that have been in every single human beings body – (and plant and animal). It gives you some idea of the colossal number that we are talking about.

Atoms are like little  perpetual motion machines – time machines. They don’t wear out too quick (unless radioactive) and are simply recycled and reused. They are powered by the background heat. We…

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6 thoughts on “Poetry – Cosmic Breath

    1. No – that’s science. Nothing is gross. That’s only the connotations we put on it. I like to think that those atoms and molecules inside my body right now that once were in Kurt Vonnegut still carry a little of his vibration and impart it to me. Maybe my atoms will impart a bit of my vibration to all the creatures that follow?
      Our job is to instil our atoms with positive energy!

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