You go Meryl!

All of this behaviour is unprecedented! I cannot believe that a President of the USA would behave in such a base manner. He should have more dignity.
When you are in such an office you are bound to have people say things about you. A person in that position should have more decorum than to respond with cheap jibes. It is unparalleled and brings the office into disrepute.


~~January 10, 2017~~ THANK YOU, MERYL As always, many have spoken from the ‘other side’. They have derided her actions and demeaned her message. I have done the opposite. I strongly support her and thank her deeply. These are words that resonate with those who still have a functional brain. HortyRex© The Cecil B. DeMille […]

via Thank you …. Meryl Streep …. “you had the gumption so many haven’t had …. “!! — It Is What It Is

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