Elmore James – opher’s World pays tribute to a genius.

My baptism into the world of Blues!

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elmore james

After my friend Dick Brunning had introduced me to the Blues through the wonders of Lightnin’ Hopkins. John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf I made my own discovery. Back then Blues records were like gold-dust. You had to hunt for them in the right places. You stumbled across one and played it to death. It was so special. Thus it was with Elmore James. I miraculously found his album sixteen greatest hits. From the moment I put in on my old Dansette and the first glorious notes of Dust My Broom seared out through those tinny speakers I was hooked. He was mine. I had discovered him and not only that, he was the best.

Nobody before or since has made a guitar sound quite like that. I later discovered that he used to work in an electrical shop and created his own original amps and guitar pick-ups…

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7 thoughts on “Elmore James – opher’s World pays tribute to a genius.

  1. Nice tribute – he brought so much excitement to the genre – Jeremy Spencer of Fleetwood Mac based his whole act round Elmore, though he also did a passable Elvis. Talking of slide, I also like JB Hutto and his nephew Lil Ed of the Blues Imperials …

    1. You know I used to love that early Fleetwood Mac. They were like having three separate bands. There was the Peter Green band, the Jeremy Spencer Elmore James band and the Rock & Roll band. You always had a great night out. They were brilliant.

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