Hey, old white men, get the hell out of my vagina!

This is really scary in terms of the attitude towards women. It seems to me that the Republicans are extremely backward looking. Back to the Dark Ages!! And women are supporting this? Amazing!


Today, we’ve learned that Paul Ryan, the leader of the Republican Party in the United States of America, where I live and work, has stated his party’s intentions to defund Planned Parenthood. With that in mind, I thought I would share some brief history. In 1800, the average birth rate for the American woman was […]

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12 thoughts on “Hey, old white men, get the hell out of my vagina!

      1. Well yes as it’s them who produce. But there’s a serious problem within some sectors of heavy duty religious ethos with multiple birth rates.
        They won’t use contraception, so other than sewing them up, how else can it be discouraged?

      2. To start with there could be a strong social discouragement that would set a tone and secondly there could be strong financial penalties for having more than two children. That would at least be a start and open a debate.

      3. Oh I think they’ve tried with the debate of discouragement by all sorts of means. Also they tend to be from the poorer communities, so financial penalties is maybe not the best idea.

      4. Not all of them come from poor families. Some of those Mormons are exceedingly well-heeled. But a financial disincentive might be just what they need!

      5. So be it. If they can figure out who is worth what, then perhaps.
        But fundamentally this action isn’t against those that can afford to have children. It’s quite obviously targeted to those that cannot and are a continual burden on society.

      6. It’s right across the board, but people with money won’t care anyway – they have private.

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