The Purpose of life!!

Each moment is precious.

Opher's World


As an antitheist I am often accused of being pointless.

Far from it. I am not at all depressed by the knowledge that my life is finite. I opened my eyes on this incredible universe sixty five years ago and at some point in the next thirty five years, maybe today, I will close them forever.

For me the universe will cease to exist just as it did before I was born.

In some ways that is sad and I can see how some people might find that frightening and pointless. I don’t.

I would find the idea of living forever excruciatingly tedious. What would you do for all that time? It would be a jail sentence. What mysterious purpose would there be to that? There would no be a purpose. You cannot hide a lack of ultimate purpose behind  either – ‘God has a plan’ or ‘We have to…

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2 thoughts on “The Purpose of life!!

  1. But Opher, you’re made of energy and energy is never destroyed. I may not hold the traditional view of heaven, but I don’t believe we just wink out of existence. THAT would make THIS life tedious, not precious, IMHO. 😉

    1. The energy and atoms never wear out, you’re right – but the consciousness? For me every second is precious! We have to get the maximum out!

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