Roy Harper – One Of Those Days In England – An epic song of social comment – more thoughts

One of Roy’s greatest epic songs.

Opher's World

Who is writing songs of this magnitude anymore? Nobody. The corporate machine has steamrolled music. Where is the social comment? The Protest? Is has disappeared.

This epic was full of it.

The greedy, selfish machine has taken control – society is heading down a road of destruction and control. 184 looms with its super-surveillance, laws, restrictions and overpopulation. We are consumers happily purchasing product. The natural, free life has gone. We are units to be controlled. We can’t stop this madness as it destroys the planet.

This is the age of non-creativity – of corporate madness, of wealth acquisition and a plastic universe. We are helpless before the onslaught but we still live inside as the world changes around us.

But stopping ain’t that possible this far into control
This far beyond the non imagination
No more than I can shed the moving forces of my soul
The time lords…

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