Roy – A poem for Roy Harper

This is a poem I wrote fairly recently for Roy. It is difficult to sum up such a complex character in a poem.

Opher's World



I wrote this one for Roy Harper. It came out while I was sitting watching TV one evening. I had just written my book on Roy and my head was full of it. I imagined him as a kid daubing hammers and sickles and swastikas on the Town Hall, running away to join the army, feigning madness and suffering ECT, later being locked up in prison and heading off busking round Europe. There was a lot to fit in. He’s had quite a life.

Roy is his own man – a man who gets up there on stage and speaks his mind on every subject. He is passionate and has strong views. He isn’t afraid to say it as it is.

There are not many people around who are prepared to speak out against the environmental madness, the crazy controlling society, war, poverty and religion.

Heaven knows we need…

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