New novel – Danny’s Story – Chapter 12 – The garden and Alan and Sally

Another sample chapter for your delectation. I kept the chapters short in order to keep the pace of the book. I wanted it to be a light, fast read – full of action with as little description as possible.

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Chapter 12 – The Garden and Alan and Sally

The garden was the place to meet most people. Number 303 was a mirror image of 301. They were like a terraced block. Mr Rose owned both of them. The garden was shared.

In the early even Danny would often go out into the garden to relax and play. He might have a swing on the swingboat or sit on the rocking seat and take in the magic.

One of his favourite things was the hoop-la. He’d spend hours throwing the hand-made hoops at the four sticks that Mr Rose had set up. He’d got quite good at it.

That was how he met Alan and Sally.

Danny was the undisputed king of the hoop-la. It was his meditation. He found it restful to stand there getting his mind into the zone and throwing the hoops to fall over the poles…

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