Surprise! Trump was a Putin puppet all along



Warm congratulations, citizens of Russian auxiliary extension office #1488. Thank you for volunteering to follow Vladimir Putin.

Russia said it was in contact with President-elect Donald Trump’s team during the U.S. election campaign, despite repeated denials by the Republican candidate’s advisers that any links existed.

Of course all those little denials from before Election Day were just for show. Now that America has committed itself to a term in Bizarro World, Russia is eager to deliver a warm, hearty “fooled you!”

Russian government officials had contacts with members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, a senior Russian diplomat said Thursday, in a report that could reopen scrutiny over the Kremlin’s role in the president-elect’s bitter race against Hillary Clinton. …

“Obviously, we know most of the people from his entourage,” Rybakov said. “… I cannot say that all of them but quite a few have been staying in touch with Russian representatives.”

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16 thoughts on “Surprise! Trump was a Putin puppet all along

  1. Isn’t it better to talk than not talk? Hardly Cold War then is it?
    They probably want/need to know what his strategy would be come January.
    Makes sense to me.

    1. Talking is one thing, colluding is another. Russia has been active in deliberate undermining of democrats. They hacked and released personal emails with the intent of damaging Hilary. Trump openly asked them to hack more.
      Stinks to me. But hey – you hear what you want to hear on Brexit and Trump and deny what is really going on. The rise of race hate in Britain and the dangers of Trump.
      We’ll see.

      1. You mean her top secret emails that she decided to stick on a non-government secured server because she couldn’t ‘trust’ anyone and some hackers break into it and release the stuff into the public domain – as per Wilileaks?
        She was a 100% idiot. A very dangerous idiot.
        Had she followed Washington policy this would never have happened.
        It wasn’t exactly Watergate, therefore, entirely impossible to seek impeachment.

        By the rise of hate in Britain, you actually mean the left-wing push to have every single morsel plastered on the front pages.
        How much of this can be proved to be true?
        I reckon it’s on similar lines to all these allegations made against people for crimes of sexual assault – where something like 75% are fabricated.
        It’s a pantomime horse that many disillusioned malcontents will try their luck on playing the victim card.
        Rest assured there will be many, many real situations, but I don’t believe all of them.
        I would suggest the more occasions when immigrants are seen sitting on the ground in the main shopping zones, begging with a polystyrene cup, the more cases of abuse may very well occur.

        Here’s another statistic that poses real dangers to the public and one that is most definitely promoted by working class Labour voters :-
        55,000 dog attack cases in 10 years.
        The number of attacks has risen by almost 50% each year over the last ten.
        That’s just in Scotland.

        I can only believe something when it exists.
        Your paranoid hysteria patently does not.
        You’d be great at religion.

      2. It’s very worrying. Trumps rise to power smacks of a another demi-gods rise to power in Europe I fear. Trump’s cabinet is shaping up and will comprise of henchmen and cronies the likes of which this country has not seen. It is very scary and having seen Trumps thin skin and track record of deceit and lies is it any wonder. First thing he will do is fix his damaged brand. Then he will line his own pockets on the sly. The country and his promises on trade will be overtaken by distraction controversy and yet more lies. It makes me sad that an entire nation was duped. Have they learnt nothing. I hope in 4 years I am proved wrong but I am old enough to recognise a con artist when I see one.

      3. Ever heard the phrase ‘we never stop learning’?
        2 days in and you’ve got it covered?
        So people like Rudy Giuliani aren’t good enough for you?
        The guy that turned a dirty, decaying and dangerous shit hole of a city into one of the safest and most visited in the world?
        Think on.

      4. No. I’m talking about Russian State sponsored hackers deliberately hacking Democrat files (not Clinton’s) to unearth anything that would damage Clinton. One has to ask why the Russian State was pulling out all the stops to bring Clinton down and get Trump elected?
        You just want to push the blame on to Clinton. Who’s blinkered?
        I hardly think the Press are left-wing. The stats are there. You are really a denier. If it doesn’t fit with your rosy view it’s ignored, ridiculed or you spend time digging up something to repudiate it. You sound like Trump when you say it’s all fabricated.
        I don’t think anything will get you to accept what is really going on. Youi have your own agenda.

      5. Yes I’ve seen some of the proposed cabinet as the lurch right continues. It would make Ghenghis Khan proud.
        Four years of a Tea-Party rampage I fear. They’ll probably arm kindergarten kids. Goodbye liberal values.

      6. Funny how the deputy chief of the political arm (non-military) of Syrian forces against Assad’s regime, just last night said that current US policy has given Russia a free hand in Syria.

        Haven’t you noticed an entire swing in news reports now with reports from ex-Democrats and their reasons for change?
        It would appear many no longer care for the slavery of long held party support and are looking for answers and results.
        They want and demand change.

        If you’re looking for blame – see Obama. He was the guy that stood up at a government ball and tried to make a public fool of Trump. That was the point of no return that spurned Trump on to stand.
        I would also suggest that the Russians would always be hacking and if you think they only started that come the arrival of Trump, well, it doesn’t say much for your intuition. None at all actually.

        The stats are actually all things considered very low. 76% of the country are adults and what’s there been, a few thousand reports at most, over how many weeks?
        I’m afraid to say that it’s a personality trait very much belonging to your people. Your lot did it with everybody, the Scots, the Irish, the Jamaicans. Where I come from we’re just so used to it that it’s water off a duck’s back to us now. But there’s millions and millions of low-life chav garbage in England, so I’m not in the least bit surprised.

        You’ve seen nothing yet of his future cabinet.You’re blowing bubbles. Again.
        Quite how you could have any objection to Giuliani would be remarkable.
        In fact many Democrats are quite certain he may well have the strongest most able people on board. He’s not interested in party goons, just people that can get results. He knows thousands and will bring the best of them in.
        Your just spitting into the wind back onto your own face with such stupid comment.
        I think you’re far too used to how your own party run their goon show. Dianne Abbott and the likes? Spare me.

        As for your ‘liberal values’. It’s not an ice-cream and jelly party. The country is in a shambles and liberalism isn’t and won’t be on the menu. It requires some serious hard work, not dicking about whinging and whining.
        When did liberalism ever cure malignant unemployment and deficit of trade? Do tell me when you’ve figured that out. Meanwhile I’ll book my flight to Mars as I’ll have time to go and return before you figure that out.

        As for your Goebbels (at least learn how to spell the name, eh?) comment.
        Is that really your best most considered shot?
        You can sit there full of shit and openly say I’d be a supporter of Josef Goebbels were he around today? You’re either a motor-mouth cretin, a simpleton or an ex- juvenile delinquent needing a good kicking. Possibly all 3.
        Whatever, it’s clear to me that you’ve decided to take active insult to my very being and you’d be best served really thinking about the connotations of that comment.
        No matter what anybody tells you – it goes through one ear and right out the other.
        Here we are today, November 11th and whether it’s a pre-programmed thing via habit or otherwise but I tend to always remember the expression on my grandmother’s face telling me, as a child, how she lost her 23 year old son and 19 year old daughter during WW2. Not forgetting my dad’s forever silence on these matters either.
        You are a prize nasty little vicious cunt for ever making such a disgusting vile remark.

        Suffice to say, here’s 2 of his famous quotes that are equally applicable to the issues of recent times.
        “Faith moves mountains, but only knowledge moves them to the right place…” – see Trump
        “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” – see Clinton

      7. When I shared your comments with Liz she didn’t believe it was you! She said you must be a wind-up merchant.
        I’m hearing all-sorts of names for that cabinet – Sarah and Newt would be laughable if it wasn’t so lamentable.
        Yes I am liberal – I’ve spent my life supporting a pluralist society, fairness, equality and an end to environmental destruction, racism and misogyny. It hurts to see it all being swept away on a sea of hatred orchestrated by the greedy and selfish. I don’t support that bunch of right-wingers who represent that greed, selfishness and inequality.
        Brexit and Trump will both serve the same end – the rich will be shovelling gold into their vaults while people starve and nature is ripped to pieces.

    1. Depends what it is they were up to. If Trump was colluding with Russia to undermine Hilary then that is colossal. I wonder if the FBI are so keen on investigating that. I haven’t heard of any computers taken in.

  2. I’ve only heard so far about Giuliani, Palin and the #2 guy, I know nothing about Newt and a few other names bandied about by the media – but it’s just talk so far and too early yet isn’t it.

    There’s 70% unemployment in former industry areas, concerns way bigger than liberalism.
    Fine, send in the hairdressers, Opher, they’ll give it a cut ‘n blowdry, all sorted, right?

    Political correctness has got to level 10 silly. If I don’t appear to wish to welcome my local transvestite into my home with open embracing arms, I should be shot at dawn for crimes of hate. That’s what out of control liberalism has brought to my door.
    Why do all these weirdo’s insist in sticking their lives in my face, like I’m remotely interested in them or their lifestyle. It’s bull and I wish they’d f-off with it all.

    I can’t think what I’ve said could be construed as a wind-up – if it were it wasn’t by my own intention. I just haven’t jumped the gun as far as you have as yet. Though I am pleased to see Giuliani there as he has been a successful guy. It would be silly to throw slurry at that.
    I also for the record could not care less about Democrat / Republican stuff.
    I reckon that’s a non-issue. As for your hand-in-glove with Putin allegations…

    1. We’ll see if Donald settles down and starts getting real. His environmental views trouble me most.
      I think the high-profile nature of the minority people is just a phase. They are basking in newfound freedom. It is intoxicating. They’ll settle.
      Yes there are major problems that need dealing with. I have never denied that. But I look at it more globally. In the US and here there is no excuse. They eat and there’s housing. I’m not belittling the despair of the collapse of manufacturing, but compared to the billions living in open sewers and rummaging rubbish heaps for scraps they have it easy. There is something seriously wrong with the inequality of the system.
      The environment and nature tops my list. I care more about the animals than the people.
      In terms of a society I want a more compassionate one, more caring and with greater equality – world-wide.
      Mass migration and fundamentalism top my list of things to address.
      I just don’t believe either Trump or Brexit take us in the right direction!

      1. For the first time in how long they have a guy who isn’t anybody else’s.
        Bush – Obama – H Clinton have all proved they couldn’t get very far without a gun in their hand. I don’t see that with Trump. I see the focus on monetary deals that gets attention and gets stuff done. Furthermore, I really cannot see him running riot in the middle east war mongering. I really can’t – that isn’t his thing at all.
        But I can understand how he may well seem an alien to many who have little understanding of big business.
        There was all that bankruptcy talk without the knowledge that each of these 200+ buildings he builds and manages is a limited company, albeit with his name on it. If any firm built over 200 businesses and finds itself later down the line only having to close just 4 of them – that is a fantastic result.
        But people focus on the 4, not the 196.
        That’s why we have pot washers and billionaires.
        M&S will be closing 30 of their stores in UK by 2020.
        Blame the feminazis who aren’t wearing knickers anymore!

        Yes there is huge disparity in the world, for sure, but why is US and UK taking the flak for all the world’s ills – all the time?
        Africa ruins itself just by being Africa. What and how much do you have to throw at it before they pick up their own feet?
        I don’t think it’s fixable.
        The tyranny running riot in large parts of SE Asia has nothing to do with us. OK so they have some Marlboro and Coke factories, that’s about it. The locals do all their own mining, forestry destruction and anything else they can milk dry.
        China – well where do you start? They plan to build another 10 New York City scale cities within the next 10 years.
        India with its explosion of people coupled with filthy decaying powers stations. That’s insanity, too.
        South America with its constant poverty and corruption.
        I’m be beginning to see why some look to religion for salvation?
        Christ, it’s a mess, ain’t it.
        But heck, we should really stop finding faults with ourselves – UK and USA, because a great many problem issues are fixable with the right management mentality – which is the reason for previous failures.
        The globalisation model cannot work unless all parties start on the same page. They don’t and disparity manifolds out of control because it costs money to start up, to maintain and develop. Hence why weaker economies in EU took such a hammering, yet the wealthy countries remained unscathed – yet they also control the nest of snakes, too.
        That’s the problem – lack of ability to self-manage.
        I reckon we were lucky to leave EU before it cost us big time.
        Obviously this is absolute conflict with the kind of Europe that could be possible to have, but not possible with the method upon which it is being managed and these EU people are definitely not showing any signs of changing the deal to get it fairer. If anything they are crucifying countries. By the way a death by crucifixion is slow asphyxiation, which is all that’s going down there – slow death.
        We can readily see the long term damage that will occur in certain countries already. Nobody can be frank with themselves and suggest it is viable or tenable.
        Regardless of personal beliefs etc, it’s gone way beyond the extremes of tenable control. The big guy always wins, hands down.
        Why the heck is Germany getting paid 40% in a lot of cases more than our guys?
        Are we kidding ourselves letting a bunch of selfish pig German, Austrian and Swiss bureaucratic megalomaniacs run our show on our behalf and expect to receive the best deal? And now they want to be running huge military forces, too? What has that got to do with an economic all inclusive policy? Isn’t that reflective of aspirations of something from the not too distant past?
        I couldn’t trust them an inch. And when Merkel gets ousted next September, what then? What will replace her? A liberal?

        Why are our traditional industries down the swanny languishing in Asia and Europe?
        Why are we answering to a load of half-assed tin-pot little countries on the constant take?

      2. Well I can see what you are saying. But I think Trump will still be controlled by those same people. He’s not free. They will economically castrate him if he doesn’t do what they want – That’s the tactics they used with left-wing governments. Nobody is free of them and I can’t see how they can be in this current system.
        My beef is with the system.
        The world is truly in a mess but those guys like it that way don’t they? They can profit from the inequality and chaos.
        ‘Stopping ain’t that easy this far into control.’
        There are no easy answers except to put pressure on them to stop them doing too much damage and to claw a bit back for the poor.
        For me the environment is number one priority. We have to preserve the wilderness and wildlife. That requires globalisation and a planetary operation.
        I want peace across the world. I want less elitism and more fairness. I’ll support people who move in that direction.

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