A Letter to the Protesters – Bloomberg View

I thought this made sense. It explains the results of Brexit and Trump. We have been building a pluralistic society with caring, compassionate values, caring for the environment and fighting against racism and sexism. This is payback.
There are a whole bunch of people who don’t care about the environment, hate minorities and think they are taking their jobs, despise multiculturalism and don’t give a knack for equality. They think they are worth more and want to take it.
A great article.


The price of democracy has just gone up.

Source: A Letter to the Protesters – Bloomberg View

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18 thoughts on “A Letter to the Protesters – Bloomberg View

  1. I said that very thing to Drollery last night about they better have a plan… Yes they need to shout for awhile. It’s part of the grieving process. We’ve been through denial, into the anger, but we need to not complete the other five steps: bargaining, depression, and acceptance. If we do, our countries will b e obliterated. JMO!

  2. My goodness, democracy yes as long as it is what you want. How dare you claim that those who voted against you in the UK and those who voted against a crook like Clinton in US don’t care for the environment/hate minorities and all the rest of the well shall we just say “words” you come out with. What a World you want we should all agree on the same thing. On all days November 11 Remembrance Day, the Day Men and Women gave their lives for our Freedom for the word you detest Opher Democracy – how you insult them. I guess all of us who wanted out of Europe and those that Voted for Trump are what that crook Clinton said “Deplorables” (that’s what finished her Cheryl that alone). I think Opher your accusation of racist is wearing thin, why does hypocrisy come to mind?

    1. I don’t want to get in between your fun discussions, but would just like to point out the US is not a democracy. It’s a representative republic. And Clinton was elected by the popular vote. The electoral college should be illegal. In fact it’s kind of ironic that the Republicans are spear heading efforts to get rid of it. I find that amusing.

      1. If it was democratic Clinton would be President. If we had proportional representation we would never have had a referendum. It’s a bit of a sham isn’t it?

      2. The fact of the matter is your Electoral College is not illegal. You make no response on Clinton referring to “deplorables” that remark is utterly disgusting, that alone lost if for her and if you don’t think so I have spoken to many Americans who know so.

      3. But there are a minority of deplorables – the racists and haters who are causing the trouble. There are always deplorable people. Both Brexit and Trump have legitimised that minority. The Ku Klux Klan, Tea Party, White Supremacists – they are deplorable. The cruel bastards who kill and torture animals the selfish greedy environment destroyers – they are deplorable. Trump stoked up misogyny and racism deliberately. That was deplorable.

      4. I stand for a left-wing approach of fairness and equality. I don’t hold with the right-wing concept that some deserve lots and the weak had it coming – they should have tried harder. I don’t like the greed and selfishness of right-wing politics. I don’t believe in trickle down. It doesn’t work.
        I want a liberal, cosmopolitan, pluralistic society based on values of respect, responsibility, tolerance and freedom. I want a society that is liberal but responsible. I don’t hold with racism, sexism, misogyny and inequality. I want good education for all.
        I judge a society on how well it treats its weaker members. The US and Britain are the wealthiest yet we have homeless people, food-banks and people starving – and it isn’t all their fault.
        Right-wing values appall me.

      5. I’m registered as an independent because I don’t like to be key-holed. But I tend to lean to the left, too. Yesterday Republican supporters were in a bit of shock when Trump started backtracking on all his big promises after having a “come to Jesus moment with Obama in the Oval Office.” I’m guessing it won’t be long before Mike Pence is running the government while Trump goes off with his crown and scepter.
        Then later in the day the details of his tax cut program were released. They ranged from nearly a 25% cut for those in the TOP 25% of the financial game (he set it up in terms of groups of 20% of the wealth) all the way to .8% for the bottom 20%. I can’t believe the folks who voted for him REALLY believed it would be any other way. He’s a rich, narcissist businessman who is going to do exactly what is best for himself and those like him. But then that’s the strong point for the Republicans.
        He also came out of that office realizing he couldn’t just repeal the Affordable Care Act. I suspect this job will stop being fun for him before he’s ever sworn in. And if he’s found guilty in his Trump University trial that starts the 28th, he will most likely be impeached. Makes one wonder if that’s what the Republicans were wanting all along. Now that they control everything, if nothing gets done AGAIN, the sh*t will really hit the fan in four years. By then the country will be in revolt. (But just my opinion…)

      6. The irony is that the Republicans stopped Obama from doing anything and then blamed him for not doing anything. They get away with murder!

    2. I’m not racist Anna. Read what Trump believes about climate change, polluting fossil fuels and nature.
      I never insult our service people. I do slag off the politicians who lead us into stupid wars. That’s what comes of trying to be strong and making countries great.
      I want a fair and equal world – caring and compassionate and refuse to be frightened int blowing terrorism out of proportion.
      This world needs to be united not exploited. It needs equality not more greed and selfishness where the rich shovel their cash and the poor suffer.
      Democracy relies on having accurate information. Too many lies for democracy to work.
      I despair at this lurch to the far right. I cannot believe anybody believes these people are going to make a fair world. They will destroy it.

      1. Did I call you a racist, did I actually say “Opher you are a racist”, I think you better check that. It was clear what I was referring to. “I despair at this lurch to the far right……..” to whom were you referring?

      2. The UK and the USA and Europe. May, Gove, Fox, Davies, Trump, Le Penn and all the fascist groups in the EU. There has been a massive lurch to the right and you supported it Anna.
        I didn’t say you called me racist. I said I wasn’t racist. I support groups that aren’t racist. I despise racism. And I’m not accusing you of being racist. But Trump is.

      3. You know, I just read an article about all the countries beginning to learn to the right (conservative side?). I wondered what was up with that. Are we all going to become isolationists?

        One of the things I’m seeing here, especially among women my niece’s age (28) is that they’re frightened Trump’s attitude toward women is going to send us back to the 40’s. These girls are saying they no longer feel safe to be who they are in their own country. He has objectified them and stolen their equality. This is what they are referring to:

        “There has to be some form of punishment,” Trump said, adding “Yeah” when Matthews asked if he meant for the woman. The host asked if that punishment would be closer to 10 days or 10 years, and Trump said he didn’t know.

        Trump indicated he would be far more lenient on the man who impregnated a woman who had an abortion — he said he did not think they would bear the same level of responsibility. (The Huffington Post)

        The man is just a misogynistic pig…

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