Schools – Streaming is an abomination!


I really could not give a damn if it did raise standards – which it doesn’t!!! – Streaming is an abomination and banding is almost as bad.

The social outcomes and lack of self-esteem are a disaster.

It is self-prophecy. Tell a student he is useless and he will give up trying and become useless. Put them in a second set and they see themselves as thick.

The top sets become arrogant and complacent. The bottom sets depressed, give up and become disruptive and anti.

I do not care if you can aim levels at the kids. The social effects over-ride everything else.

Setting is a social calamity that breeds failure, despondency and destroys self-confidence and self-esteem!

Read what a highly successful ex-Secondary Headteacher has to say. I’m the only one making sense!

One thought on “Schools – Streaming is an abomination!

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