Nick Harper Gig at Back Room Cottingham – Photos and some words – a sell out!!

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Nick is the most extraordinary guitarist and songwriter and should be the biggest thing around. unfortunately he is yet appreciated on that scale. But then, that can only be to our benefit. We are able to appreciate his brilliance in small intimate clubs like the Back Room in Cottingham.

The gig sold out well in advance and they were turning people away from the door! That’s always sad. My only consolation for all those people who didn’t get in is that Nick has promised to come back and do another gig in the same venue soon!

The night did not go without hitches – Nick’s guitar developed a fault prior to going on and had to have emergency repairs. It took out some of the driving bass sounds but that irritated Nick more than it did the audience. It did nothing to stop people being mesmerised by the brilliance of his unparalleled skills. Paul, who runs the place, and is no mean guitarist and performer, was heard to say ‘How the hell does he do that?’

Nick never ceases to amaze me. I have seen him perform for twenty years now and he continues to grow and become better and better. It is hard to believe how. His voice, with that high range is phenomenal, the guitar and range of skills is beyond anyone else I’ve seen and the song-writing goes ever on.

It’s always a privilege to catch him live.

Thanks to Rich and Lou for the organisation. Nobody knows how much time and effort goes in to putting on an event like this – from the bookings, liaison, posters, tickets, sales, promotion, and general organisation. Who’d be a promoter? But then if nobody did it we’d never get to see the performers and live music would die. Thanks Rich & Lou. You made it possible!

It was also nice to see so many old and new friends turning out to support live music and catch a close-up of the wonderful Nick in action. Together at the gig were a number from Nick’s first ever gig (his first gig ever!) in Hull back twenty years ago – Liz, Rich, Tim, Carl, Eddy and Me!

Great also to see Dexter, Ian & Liz, Chris Barratt (who came in response to my blog – hope you enjoyed it and it was worthwhile!), Mike & Sue, John and Doreen.

There’s never time to talk and catch up at gigs but it is always nice to exchange a few words and smiles.

Thanks to Paul for the great venue and nice beer!

Thanks to Richard for the great support act! Great guitar and humour.

The photos are not brilliant as the lighting was not too conducive. There are a couple that Rich processed that are great though. Thanks Rich.

It was also great finally getting to meet the legendary Paula McBear who came all the way from Edinburgh but is neither Scottish nor ursine! Paula does a great job keeping everyone up to speed and was delightful!

It is good to spend the evening boggling at genius in action and feasting the eyes and ears! I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Thanks Nick – I loved it!

Lastly – a reminder that Rich & Lou’s acoustic Loudhailer events take place at the Back Room every first Thursday of the month! Nice friendly vibe, great music and company. Well worth a visit! Here’s the link:

Loudhailer Acoustic Nights

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