25 Most Terrifying Spiders On Earth

Spiders give me the creeps and I’m a zoologist! I’m fine with stick insects, preying mantids and scorpions. Give me a deadly scorpion any day over a common house spider!
These guys give me nightmares and I’m wide awake!
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25 Most Terrifying Spiders On Earth

People are terrified of spiders, and rightfully so. No matter how many scientists try to tell us not to be afraid of spiders — they’re just freaky looking. They’re like nature’s horror movie. Even if it can’t hurt you… ew!

Anyone who tries to argue that spiders aren’t scary either has too much time on their hands, is flat-out weird, or both. These spiders prove that.
1. Tube dwelling spider

photo-www.rantpets.com Tube dwelling spider  http://www.rantpets.com Tube dwelling spider

Their front legs point forward, unlike most spiders. Scientists have no clear answer why and “think” it “appears” to be a way for them to live in tubes. Why do they want to live in tubes and why don’t we know for sure? Get on this, science! The life you save may be one of ours.

2. Gradungulidae

photo-www.rantpets.com    Gradungulidae http://www.rantpets.com Gradungulidae

They’re known to spin some seriously complicated webs out…

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