Poetry – Heart and Soul (Liars)

Heart and Soul (Liars)

Heart and soul

Night and day

Straining every sinew

Shame we didn’t start sooner

If we only knew.

Guided by the science

We maybe should

Have done a few more tests

And contained it before it spread

Keeping the R down

For that is where it rests

But with all the PPE shortages

And lack of follow-up

And testing so sparse

The government

Is falling on its arse!!!

Opher – 30.4.2020

Every time I hear the politicians telling us how hard they are working I despair. They are a bunch of lying bastards.

I don’t want to hear about tons of equipment or numbers of pieces. I don’t want to hear about testing capacity. I want to hear that all nurses and carers are properly equipped and tested and that we are being properly protected.

We are now the worst in Europe –slow of the mark, unprepared, ideologically restricted and inept.

I don’t want to hear the phrases they trot out to excuse themselves.

They have been abysmal. They killed tens of thousands with their complacency, austerity and stupidity.