What I’m reading at the moment!

I am currently reading two excellent books.

Julian Palacios – Lost in the Woods (Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd)

Incredibly detailed, wonderfully written account of Syd’s life and music. I am loving reading this book. It must have taken an age to research. Delicious and information. Flows along. As mesmerising as the music! Buy it!!


Jasper Fforde – Early Riser

Jasper is the master of this type of genre; if I only knew what to call it! Bags of humour, extremes of imagination, surreal storyline, wonderful characters, futuristic, adventure. I’d say fantasy but it’s more than that. I’d compare him to Vonnegut and Terry Pratchet but he’s not really like them at all.

All I know is that he’s great to read and completely unique! Loving this book as much as I’ve loved his others!