Poetry – Unseen


No ears to hear

The sound

Leaking from the ground

Liquid rock

Knock knock knock

Orange chords

Molten words

No eyes to see

The sky

Tinged with smoke on high

Ragged cloud

Fresh with colours loud

Flashes of electric

Patterns concentric

No tongues to taste

The acid

Oceans seething rancid

Writhing soup

As molecules group


Dancing manic

No fingers to touch

The heat

Of jiggling atoms beat

The hard

Solidity of rock shard

Trembling ground

With water drowned

No nostrils to smell

The gasses

Pumping plumes in masses

The smoke

Sulphurous devil’s joke


Fumes always twirling,

Nothing to witness

The sight

Of matter spinning

In that beginning.

Opher – 10.5.2021

If it wasn’t for life there would be nothing to see the majesty of the universe.

I hope we all appreciate it enough.