That didn’t last long, did it? Dustbin of disasters! Arrogance and Hubris with the usual dose of complete incompetence.

The Trussonomics experiment with our lives has already crashed into the dustbin of time.

In a few short days, she’s completely buggered the country and worse is yet to come.

Their arrogant plan to give tens of billions to the wealthy has made a lot of greedy profiteers exceedingly rich at our expense once again.

The Tories are very generous with our money.

The run on the pound is going to result in interest rises, prices rises, inflation rises and mortgage rises. What it would do is give any pay rises – except to the top end.

What’s going to happen now?

How long are we going to allow these greedy, arrogant Tories to keep messing up, robbing us and getting away with it??

A bodged Brexit.

Bodged covid response.

Bodged scandals.

Bodged Russian connections.

Bodged sleaze.

Bodged sex scandals.

Now bodged economy.

They killed thousands, ruined public services, run-down schools and the NHS, written off billions in their VIP lanes fraud, given away a fortune to their chums and forced twelve years of pay cuts, zero hours and austerity on us.

How much more money can we give away to the rich before we become a proper third-world banana republic??