Goons of War

Goons of War

They give their souls away.

                Just obeying orders.

Trained not to think.

                Told they’re protecting borders.

No longer reasoning people:

                Zombies with no brains.

Thrown their morality

                With their freedom down the drains.

Following all their orders

                Without question or doubt.

Killing without mercy.

                No need to work it out.

They are called soldiers.

                Mindless morons

                                Following orders.

Opher – 6.4.2022

Why would anybody throw away their freedom, allow themselves to be moulded into a mindless killing machine, a tool of the state?

Why would they become a soldier, a secret policeman, a goon?

These mindless morons do as they are told without question. They have no vestiges of humanity as they dispense death to the innocent.

Without them tyrants cannot exist.