Poetry – I am destined to be big!?

I am destined to be big!?

I am destined to be big!

But that’s OK

I’m going on a diet soon.

With exercise

I’ll soon be back to normal.

I am soon to be big!

As my words

Elicit ecstasy in the

Correct reader

And I am propelled.

When we are long

In the ground

We are not so big anymore.

The worms

Bring us down to size.

Opher 20.7.2016

I am destined to be big!?

As an indie writer who writes what he chooses and does not court popularity I am sometimes saddened by my present lack of success. I would like a larger readership for my efforts. To have words unread feels sad. Yet I know that all it takes is a flight of fancy – one book to capture imagination and go off on a wave of euphoria – I am in danger of becoming big.

As a human being who has reached that age where my metabolism has fallen but my appetite has not I am in that state where my weight has increased. I have to contain myself to prevent my growth becoming too great. I am in danger of becoming big.

Even the most commercially successful and the most enormously obese are all brought down, in time, to become the same basic skeletons in the ground.