Today’s writing

Today I have devoted to writing my new Sci-fi novel Dremeworld. I’ve managed ten pages – about 5000 words. Not bad for a first draught writing speed.

It’s been interesting. I have a basic idea of the plot and where it is going but nothing planned out in detail. I’ve invented a number of characters and once let loose they take on a life of their own, taking the novel down unexpected rabbit holes. New ideas crop up. New scenarios develop.

Right now I’m burnt out and devoid of ideas. Tomorrow my subconscious will have a fresh stock of ideas to bring to the narrative (I hope). I find it amazing how the subconscious works. Without me thinking about the book at all it is quietly churning away in the background.

Right now I need to unwind!

The Cabal – now finished!

I’ve been working all day trying to finish the Cabal. This is an update on the previous book. I’ve added four chapters. It’s been hard work but it’s done.

Big thanks to Neil Lock for the ideas, editing and inspiration.

I’m going to leave it a day or two then have a read. There’s one section I’m not happy with yet! That’s writing for you.