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Today I have devoted to writing my new Sci-fi novel Dremeworld. I’ve managed ten pages – about 5000 words. Not bad for a first draught writing speed.

It’s been interesting. I have a basic idea of the plot and where it is going but nothing planned out in detail. I’ve invented a number of characters and once let loose they take on a life of their own, taking the novel down unexpected rabbit holes. New ideas crop up. New scenarios develop.

Right now I’m burnt out and devoid of ideas. Tomorrow my subconscious will have a fresh stock of ideas to bring to the narrative (I hope). I find it amazing how the subconscious works. Without me thinking about the book at all it is quietly churning away in the background.

Right now I need to unwind!

4 thoughts on “Today’s writing

  1. Aha, that’s a big difference between your writing techniques and mine, Opher! At the time I wrote my novel, my from-scratch writing speed was about 160 words per hour. That’s 1,000 words a day (I can only keep the necessary concentration for about 6 hours at a time). I’m a compulsive reviewer and re-reviewer! Though I have speeded up since by a factor of two or three, even on non-fiction, which is harder.

    And then there’s all the editing, and re-considering, and new ideas (some of which take you back almost to the very beginning!) The first template of a chapter is, at best, 2% of the job. After that, it just evolves. And then, you have to deal with other things, and set the writing aside for a while… And when you come back, you need to re-familiarize yourself. Writing isn’t easy!

    1. Aaaah! That’s the difference. I work on the Jack Kerouac theory – first though/best thought! I like to get into a zone and allow it to flow without interuption. I like to get the ideas down and feed off each other. I try not to look at what I’ve written while I’m writing. I have been known to write solidly for twelve/fourteen hours at a time – though I find my concentration span has reduced with age. I enjoy the process so much because it seems to feed itself. There’s a big element of problem solving and new ideas pop up as I go along. When I’ve complete the first draft I go back and rewrite. That’s not quite so pleasurable but I’ve come to enjoy that too. But then I’m nowhere near as good at editing as you are Neil!
      The best writer I ever met was my friend Tony. He was superb. But he wrote a page and then went back over it again and again and again, picking at it. He never got further than a page or two. I would have loved to have read a novel by him. It would have been sublime. Alas he never could have finished one. A whole chapter would have been beyond him.

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