New Sci-Fi novel – The Pornography Wars

New Sci-Fi novel – The Pornography Wars

OpherWriting March 3, 2021

I am starting work on a new Sci-Fi novel. It brings together a number of ideas concerning reality and the purpose of life.

It features a group of aliens centred around a film maker. He makes tridee pornographic films. The planet he lives on is heavily sexualised. A movement has started up to ‘clean up’ the media and desexualise society.

The novel deals with many themes – is sex ‘dirty’? Should there be censorship? Who should decide what needs to be censored?

Meanwhile, on Earth, an individual begins to suspect he is living in a film set and being controlled.

I have the general lay of the book, a beginning and end. I have many of the characters and an outline of the plot and intrigue.

I am now starting to write the draft. The ideas are flowing and I am full of enthusiasm. I am sure that, as usual, it will start to develop in extraordinary ways as I start writing the draft and the characters take over.

This is a story of aliens, sex and human civilisation. Very exciting.