Poetry – Charisma


It is the charismatic charmers

Who we should fear

With their heavenly looks

And flashing eyes.

They are eloquent

With visions

And have the oratory

To excite.

It is the charismatic dreamers

Who rouse us

To take up arms

In the cause.

They leave us with slaughtered friends

And rubble,

Misery and terror

And pave the way

To hell.

It is the charismatic passion

That betrays us

Every time

With visions of paradise

Built on sands

Of power.

Beware charisma

It speaks

Words of vitriol

Spun in gold

And silk

That are easy

On the ear.

Charisma is a disease.

Opher 22.2.2016


I wrote this poem after mulling over a lecture on Saudi Arabia delivered by Clive Leatherdale, and the rise of the Wahhabi ideology with its doctrine of austerity and intolerance.

The Wahhabi’s are the fools who believe that the oil beneath their feet was put there by god as a reward for their piety and zeal.

A curse upon them all.

The imbecile who started it and set up the House of Suad was one of those dark eyed, handsome men, with flashing eyes, the gift oi the tongue and a lust for power.

A curse upon him.

The legacy of his good looks, fine oratory, eloquent words and charismatic performance can be seen in every bomb blast, ripped flesh, hatred filled eyes and idealistically driven madman.

A curse upon them all.

They do not need insurance because everything that happens is the will of Allah. That is probably why most of them live in poverty and squalor while the atheists thrive.

Charisma is a threat to us all. We give ourselves up to its indoctrination.

A curse upon charisma.