My breath is political

My breath is political

I am alive to what happens in the world.

Every breath is political.

To relax for a second

Is to endorse the hypocritical.

To deny the evidence of our eyes

To be manipulated

By fascist totalitarian lies –

Creeps in where truth capitulated.

Artists capture truth in reality.

Rulers of your minds,

Robbing the ability to think

Greatest gift of all mankind’s.

I’m writing with my blood,

Washing in my tears,

Seeing so much good,

Tyranny down the years.

Opher – 4.12.2022

I’m not sure if this poem really works. I don’t think the metering is quite right. But when I say it out loud I can use the stress on the syllables to bring it into line.

The sentiment is fine.

There is a constant battle going on between those who care and those who don’t; those who believe in intolerance and iron control and those who believe in freedom of thought and action; those who would build concentration camps for anyone who does not agree or fit the mould and those who enjoy the richness of difference, the compassionate and the cruel.

Fascism is ever present. Given half a chance it’s back. Totalitarianism has to be fought. It seems to be a default state for humans. It’s not a matter of left and right. Autocratic control is a product of left and right. It’s all about power, control and paranoia.

We have to be ever vigilant and always prepared to stand up for what we believe – Trump, Oban, Bolsonaro, Modi, Xi, Johnson, Erdogan – they’re all the same. Fascism stinks.