Thirteen years of cuts

Thirteen years of cuts

Thirteen years of cuts

                Thirteen years of cash to kin

Thirteen years of sleaze

                Robbery for their tonic and gin!

Thirteen years of VIP lanes

                Thirteen years of give away cash

Thirteen years of avarice

                Not a donor? Feel the lash!

Thirteen years of stealing

                From public services

Slashing wages

                Of doctors, teachers and nurses.

For thirteen years

                They’ve given to their friends

Taken from the poor

                As equality descends.

Opher 1.9.2023

For thirteen years they have been plundering the public services, robbing the poor and selling off everything they can get their hands on. We have creeping privatisation in schools and the NHS. The previous Tory sell-offs – Post Office, Rail, council housing, power, water – are all in crisis. They are being bled dry by foreign investors. The posties have been on strike because of pay freezes and cost cutting, likewise with rail workers, we have a housing crisis, gas and electricity prices are scandalous. What a mess. The only people doing well are the CEOs with their massive bonuses and the foreign investors who are creaming it in.

We’ve seen VIP lanes, jobs for the boys. Massive salaries for donors and Tory kin. We have pub landlords and friends being given multimillion pound contracts. We have PPE, Lady Mone and massive fraud. Cash for questions. Cash for peerages. A revolving door into multimillion pound advisory roles for the likes of Cameron, Johnson and Osborne. Can it get any more corrupt and sleazy?