Here Lies Lies

Here Lies Lies

Here lies lies,

                Sacrificed on the altar of spin.

Here lies truth,

                Lost in the propaganda within.

Casualties of war

                As each side seeks to assert

Broadcasting lies

                To win in a world of hurt.

We’re all victims

                In the morass of untruth.

Believing lies

                We accept without proof.

All’s fair

                In love, politics and war.

Deceiving us

                As they break every law.

Here lies truth!

                Here lies lies!

Buried with the dead!

Opher – 7.4.2022

How can anybody believe what they are told? The truth is always manipulated. One has to read between the lies to see if we cannot glimpse the truth below.

We live in a world of spin, fake news and propaganda. All sides do it. They call it politics. It’s a world of lies.

The first casualty of war is the truth.

The media always has a political bias. Nothing is ever completely true.

NATO and the Ukraine appear whiter than white. They aren’t. NATO went back on promises and was after moving up to the borders of Russia. We would then have nuclear missiles close to Moscow. Were the missiles a threat? Were they a deterrent? Was it defensive or offensive?

Depends which side of the fence you sit.

Ukraine does have a number of extreme right groups who could be described as neo-Nazis. There is evident racism. But then there is in most European countries – look at the fascist Oban in Austria and Trump in America.

Can anything justify war? I don’t think so. Putin is a barbaric animal who needs trying for war crimes – not just here but in Chechnya, Grozny and Aleppo. Then we have war crimes committed by the USA and UK in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have the warmongering Iranians, Saudi Arabians, not to forget Bashir and the bastions of terrorism.

All war criminals should be tried.

Beware the black and white.

Unfortunately this distrust of politicians and the media has led to the propagation of conspiracy on the web. People are even more susceptible to the stupid propaganda flung out on the web. It’s worse than the media bias.

Hence we end up with lying Trump, lying Johnson, lying Bolsonaro and lying Oban. The whole populist movement is based on fake news and conspiracy. Lying is their trade.

But always, the first casualty of war is the truth.