Poetry – Routinely Day

Routinely Day

The toothbrush is the gateway to my day

The clock, the wash, the toilet

And the meal.

The drive is the pathway to routine

The diary, the time-table, the bells

And the break

The coffee, the toilet, the meals

And the talk.

The drive is the journey back again

The meal, the toilet, the wash

And the change

The programmes, the coffee, the family

And the work

The toothbrush is the gateway to my dreams ……………

OPHER 4.10.96

A poem about even the most routine day ending with a dream.

No matter how tedious and mundane the day is there is a mind at work in our heads. We live in a universe outside that is spectacular. The universe within our minds is equally amazing.

We set up patterns to our day and mindlessly go down the channels we have set but we are not in control of our dreams. Our mind is unleashed to conjure up all possibilities. There is no routine inside your head.