Inequality – The only thing growing in Tory Broken Britain.

No money for the workers. They can all freeze and starve.

Plenty of cash for the likes of Mone, Johnson, Cameron, Osborne, Rees-Mogg and Hancock’s landlord!

Donate to the Tory Party and you can walk away with millions for doing nothing. Work hard at a good honest job and you receive fuck all!

Welcome to Toryland – the broken UK!!

You can strike but nobody is listening. You can starve but nobody cares. You can freeze and your children die in front of your eyes but the ministers are all busy sorting out tax cuts for the wealthy rather than wasting money on your problems.

Welcome to Toryland – the land of mansions, super yachts, food banks, warm hubs, rough sleepers and penthouses. Winners (a few) and Losers (the rest of us!).

By the Rich! For the Rich!