Poetry – John Phillips – Heavenly Bodies.

Another one from John’s book Shorts and Shots.

Heavenly bodies

The galleon moon

Sailing through the Winter sky

Tomorrow the frost.

The full moon is high

Reflections of hidden sun

Turning night to day.

Swooping hungry Owl

The hunters moon revealing

This evenings meal.

Darkness into light

Blue moon low over the sea

Rippling silver.

Behold the Great Bear

Master of the northern sky

Signpost for sailors.

Look to the night sky

Stars like a river of light

It’s the Milky Way.

The sky is alive

Autumn meteor shower

Falling like the rain.

Venus is rising

Lighting up the southern sky

Star of the morning.

Autumn sunset glow

Colours of the evening

Purple, red and green.

Fire is in the east

Clouds aglow orange and red

The sun is rising

The trees are smiling

Sunlight sparkles on the leaves

Summer here at last.

Sun is in hiding

Wind from the north sweeps the land

Winter is coming.