How to get the incompetent, greedy Tories out. Be bland.

Seemingly Labour has a plan. It is to be boring and middle of the road.

The trouble with the UK is that we have a well-oiled Tory propaganda machine operating through the media, brainwashing the electorate. It covers up and puts a spin on everything the Tories do. When they are caught out with gross sleaze, incompetency, greed and plain self-serving stupidity the media put a spin on it.

Russians, lying, parties, law-breaking, nepotism, sex scandals, unfairness, more lying, cover-ups, VIP lanes to feed huge amounts to chums, PPE, austerity, bankers bonuses, creeping privatisation, thousands of covid deaths. They get away with murder. They’ve become an organisation to funnel huge sums to the wealthy while creating an underclass in extreme poverty. The Tory media has made out it’s all the fault of the EU, foreigners in general, benefit scroungers and global forces. Of course, in the process, the top 1% have tripled their wealth. But that’s alright. It’s good for us!

The problem is that we have a gullible population who are conned.

When Labour comes up with a radical proposal to create a fairer society the Tory media rip them to pieces. The media flood the place with scare stories.

It order to get elected they have to not rock the gravy train.